Design & Technology

Our Vision for Design & Technology at Jupiter Primary School

Design and Technology (D&T) at Jupiter Primary School is visible in the classrooms, outside and around the school. It is project based, allowing children adequate length of time to plan, complete and evaluate projects on a small and larger scale which solve real and relevant problems. Children will feel confident in analysing their own and others’ work. They will understand the purpose of D&T and the opportunities it may allow them as they move through the school and beyond, including across the curriculum. Links with secondary schools allow the children to explore and use higher spec facilities and equipment. They are actively encouraged and supported to take managed risks, helping them to become resourceful, confident and innovative learners able to assess risk in a variety of work environments.

Jupiter has a generous dedicated workspace for D&T activities, with rich, purposeful and exciting resources available to allow the children to explore and enhance their creativity within D&T. This includes a working kitchen, full of essential cooking items, which allows the children to plan, prepare, make and cook a variety of healthy, balanced meals and snacks. This equips our children with the knowledge and skills they need to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, understanding that cooking and preparing healthy meals is a crucial life skill. As part of this work, they learn the importance of safety in the kitchen and how to manage and take risks.


The children at Jupiter discuss with enthusiasm their D&T lessons, showing excitement for their projects, both adult led and child led. They are inspired by relevant and real life stories/examples of men, women and children in a range of cultures who are successful in the world of D&T. They recognise the importance of this area of learning and have high aspirations for their potential careers.

Our Design & Technology Curriculum

At Jupiter Primary School,  Design & Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which encourages children to think and develop creatively and imaginatively in order to solve problems, both as individuals and as members of a team.  At Jupiter, children design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. Contexts link work to other disciplines including mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art. Children are given opportunities to reflect upon and evaluate past and present design, its uses and its effectiveness and are encouraged to become innovators and risk-takers. Through a variety of creative and practical activities, we teach the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making.


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