Religious Education

Our Vision for Religious Education at Jupiter Primary School

At Jupiter Primary School, we develop children's natural curiosity about religion. In order to help them to become well-rounded citizens, we give children an understanding of the similarities and differences between the main religions and the cultures they sit within. This encourages understanding, respect and tolerance of others.

The R.E. curriculum allows children to explore the concept of religion and faith, as well as building a deeper understanding of the main religions in Britain today as children go through the school. Children enjoy R.E. lessons and are engaged in exciting activities. In addition to books and video footage, children have access to a wide range of resources, including religious artefacts and clothing. Lessons provide opportunities for children to compare similarities and differences between religions, to debate, research, question and discuss. Children can articulate what they already know about religion and are encouraged to pose further questions, leading to new learning within each topic area. Teachers have a good level of subject expertise and research thoroughly before teaching. Children visit different places of worship each year, linked to the religions they are studying.

Jupiter celebrates diversity by recognising festivals from the main religions. Classes celebrate these in a cross curricular way, including through Arts, Assemblies and visiting families.

Our Religious Education Curriculum

Our teaching of RE aims to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of a variety of religions and beliefs which form part of contemporary society. It aids spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, children’s personal development and well-being and encourages community cohesion.

Religious Education is directly concerned with exploring and responding to religion. Children learn about, and from religion through agreed themes. At Jupiter, we have chosen to use the Cornerstones programme of work as we believe this gives our children a thorough understanding of the main religions in Britain today. We explore these religions, comparing and contrasting their beliefs and practices, developing children’s knowledge and understanding as they progress through school. RE at Jupiter provokes challenging questions, encourages pupils to explore their own beliefs, enables them to build their sense of identity and belonging and teaches pupils to develop respect for others. The detail of our curriculum can be found in the documents below.



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